Hamlet A Small Town

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A hamlet is a small town located in a nation zone. It consists of a few small huts and mud houses. These houses are built all over area without any order. It is surrounded by green fields and tall trees. There is no special fun for the villagers. Their only hobby is to have a chat, to make gossips and watch TV in the evening. A marriage is most amusing event for the villagers. It shows the feeling and emotions of the villagers. Village fair is still another event of fun for them.

Village life is easy and pure. The needs of the villagers are a few. They generally eat eggs, milk, vegetables and butter. Their dress, food, customs and manners are simple but decent. Second, the villagers are sincere and honest. They know no selfishness. They love their customs and traditions. They are simple, innocent and kind.

The village life lacks modern facilities. The hospital and education facilities are the limited in villages. Most of the people in villages are ignorant. The government should take steps to educate the villagers. Schools, hospitals and colleges should be opened in villages. New roads should be built. Villages should be linked with cities.

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