Hangama Azimi’s life advanture

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She is a very talented and active student in school, active and hardworking girl at home, and flowing great aims and goals in her life for a great and bright future. She is planning for her future and thinks that she could be the one who determine her future and she will get to all her dreams.

I am Hangama Azimi who was born in 28th of sonbula 1375 in the third district of Herat city in an intellectual and kind family. I am the third child of the family who has two older brothers and one older kind sister.

As my father and mother mentions, my birth doubled their prosperity and happiness of their life and changed the colour of their living. Since I was a child, studying was my only interest. The best word of life is learning. When I was a child, my sister had a tutor who helped her in her lessons; I focused to the teacher’s great words and think on them. I murmured a beautiful poetry that the teacher read that from A to z.

The teacher encouraged me and I could brighten in education. In entered to school in 1383 and could easily pass the first class and start from the second class. During my education, I attended in competitions by name of Nawaie Malakoti in the school and got the first position.

I could pass the grades of school by my hardworking and my parents’ cooperation. Now I am studying in twelfth class of Mahjuba Hirawi High School, and facing a fate-making test in near future. I hope I could get to my dreams.

As my abundant to writing, I could write a book and I am happy that could finish it, interestingly. I hope to publish my book, as soon as possible to be available to its interested readers.


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