Happiness is not far away ...

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She had a lover, once known so-called happiness, but also much rather painful. When it comes to love, she is ready to welcome it, to preserve it as priceless gifts that God has given. At that time she was really happy, just a few lines of the message alone would make her laugh all day, wandering steps holding hands on the street with his eyes as if to bless her, but also they are jealous Refugees with happy she was there. And that is happy when her beloved.

Then one day the trade took away her happiness, the first time you decide to stop so that love, life seems just a gray. But it was her decision that she will not regret her decision. Time - antidote to blur all wounds did rose to life, she finds love life as he has never walked. Happy day to you simply surf the Web, listen to music, listening to the lecture hall to further understanding and for the beautiful location of the final exam period anymore and can not leave the canopy pleasures Phet with his friends. Every two months and then completes the module, students re-steal her clothes home, Cuan just circle around the mother, seeing my parents smile is everything a mess in her head seemed to have melted away ... Happiness is just Simple as that, so just have to find ...


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