Happiness of a freelance writer

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Happiness of a freelance writer

Certain professions, public works and the difficulty, certain advantages both, you have choices and decisions, I believe both you and I think that we must strive to overcome. Happiness does not mean there should just laugh every time crying, complaining a bit but have not you? Life is colorful and happy enough room for all of us that.


I feel very happy to be doing a Freelance writer (freelance work), carried out in the West, the term is usually translated as Writers would rather liberal, but I just translated the liberal author, because I write about a lot of things, not just literature.

I am a Freelancer - a self-employed person, that nobody actually admits both self so I admit it. Freelance meaning of freedom, I do not have a formal office at all, my work can be beautiful cafes, the beautiful hotel room with windows overlooking the windswept sea ... But also it's a motel room hidden beneath and behind a huge hotel can somehow poach ... wifi. I do not have a particular boss, with my main client is the boss, they are the product of my intake and the decision to use or not use. I do not have a manager, working time by myself ... my manager there. You're going to be such that it is happy too, but not where. Many night two three o'clock in the morning I go to bed and reach 15 minutes after that I have to turn up to work on, if there is any emotion, any idea suddenly came. This job will require you to embrace the idea that emotions are new and interesting work out. But there are days I just wandered the streets, drinking coffee, surfing the web or reading a book sitting alone.


I have to go do this job "working" more work needs to use a lot of imagination, but that does not mean that you just need in one place, sit around and imagine freely. Imagination must be based on the fact that again, so you must read more, see more, travel more, eat more and live more then your new imagination always plentiful new sources of your ideas with no land. However, in many other professions if people are only paying for the agency that trip, I had to spend their own money on their trips. My partner is nature, people, customs, culture in a new land, I am compelled to meet and come into contact with them and they will give me the inspiration, the idea to write up the new topic. I love this work and feel truly happy when being introduced to someone that I'm a freelancer, a Freeland-writer. Just like when you love and passionate about the work they are doing, you will be proud and so proud of it.

I stepped into this job after graduating from college and was reluctant only because of my friends. I was fortunate to attend a specialized training in writing, so they can do the job. (This job if you are not trained, only gifted and self-learning'm also good at). Graduated finished I sent dozens of resumes briefly go places but there are dozens of not luck. I was not getting anywhere at all, and then I find myself still do not know what else is happy, sometimes I cry too sad. You know when you're pessimistic, depressed about something, it usually feels everything around bored at all. I live away from home, in a large city does not have close friends or relatives what, I dare to imagine his wisdom ran out of money, rooig how I would live here. I do not want to graduate as well be a month of time and that you have had to call my parents to ask for money, because my family was not well off anything. I'd love to have something to do while waiting for the phone call or email from recruiters. And I started writing, free day before I usually write posts or collaborating with a number of newspapers, it is truly a job I enjoyed. Later I found it took a lot of time should have left, just consider it a hobby only. After reading online articles about the authors freely, I started thinking about this field and automatically assume that if I'm getting nowhere, I will become a freelancer.

I've mentioned are not intended to apply for a job at the company, I will ask staff to work in restaurants, stores what is the work that I've done a lot of the time students. But you've decided to become a freelancer I gave up the idea that in order to have more time to write more. Just have a computer, a pen and a small notebook and it is best to have a regular camera also. For his part, I only use phones with imaging alone. All operational equipment of a liberal writers only that, everything was thrown into my backpack and thus began his career. At first everything seems very difficult, but I had only themselves satisfied, satisfied with what you have, satisfied with what we have chosen to avoid shortfalls. Sometimes on the road I feel like a tourist and are often treated like a tourist, it makes me feel happy.

As a freelancer, although it is free to do what you want but there are many problems happen too. You have to face the terrible loneliness, if any newsroom on unpaid royalties for you at the right time that you're out of money, you will be at home writing. Faced with four walls, whether you're in the room with narrow it alone when you found it empty. Would be better if you have a little money, to go into a small cafe, there sat the internet for creative writing and sometimes see the past, people are less lonely and more. Stay away from any noisy as this will cause your mind is not focused, but sometimes I also like typing in the most noisy place despite being regarded as eccentric matter. You do not have the authority colleagues, for every hour can come together to eat, drink occasionally met celebrate ... when you are a freelancer. And like many other professions you will be "hungry" if you're lazy, long days passed without writing a single word line. Furthermore it would be terrible if your computer is damaged, freelancer in modern times this technology is very difficult to develop a career without a computer. Let alone the Internet, I'd bet this is the freelance writer as I have to admit the first shock. The chance is also very big in the industry, not any of your posts are also posted newsroom, not where you also pay royalties on time. Income is not low if you work hard and have quality but often "precarious" unstable ... and a bunch of other problems.

After the employer refused silently silently've also become a freelancer. Upon receiving the phone asking my family always say that I have a job. Of course, my parents do not understand what this profession really should just say vaguely that I was doing for a certain magazine. As though I explain them sit all day on Freelancer, they will simply think I am ... unemployed only. Many people do not think Freelancer is a profession, but I do not feel sad about it, whereas I feel very happy because I was able to do this job. Every day I give his attendance in the works, the article. There are days I wrote a few poems, a commentary, a certain presentation. I'm happy when I write quality work, all of which is his creativity that out at all. Like many other young people I also look forward to working in an agency or organization that orthodoxy. Want a card front chest strap, a proper office, a salary is paid only at the end of the month and regular peers true ... Because I get to the school, are supposed to train is to be doing things like that, that's what my family expects from me ...


I did not get a chance to be doing things like that but not so tired that I just have to go searching and waiting, or I'll die of hunger. I must continue to walk and create other opportunities for himself, that's why I come to this work. If you look a bit, then we'll see what becomes seemingly unfortunate things very lucky in this life. I think so too, so when I realized I was becoming a Freelance writer I feel very happy. I'm been doing a job he loved, people often tell you to do the work that you are passionate about, but I think. In the world of work will not have a job that you are passionate about existing available that passion yourself to be secreted. Sometimes you who created the work you want to do, and you also have to orient yourself kind of person you want to become so in the future.

Certain professions, public works and the difficulty, certain advantages both, you have choices and decisions, I believe both you and I think that we must strive to overcome. Are doing work that you love is still the best, but even so there will also be times when you get tired, depressed, Freelancer well yeah but if any pleasure, I always thought life would become boring and monotonous . Happiness does not mean there should just laugh every time crying, complaining a bit but have not you? Life is colorful and happy enough room for all of us that.

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