Happy Easter bitBunnies!

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Happy Easter bitBunnies!


2018 Easter celebration on bitLanders


Time flies and it is time to celebrate Easter

Easter is celebrated on 1st April this year. To celebrate Easter, we’ll be releasing some brand-new celebratory items for both male and female avatars. These celebratory items include Easter Eggs Collection, Egg Balloons, and Bunny ears

All the celebratory items are available for 3 weeks, from March 19 to April 09


Easter Eggs Collection & Egg Balloons

There is no Easter without eggs! This year, we added 5 new Easter eggs to the collection. They are made of yummy chocolate and decorated with colorful candy and cute bunny ears! The new Easter Eggs Collection includes Twinkling Purple Bunny Egg, Twirling Yellow Bunny Egg, Violet Floral Bunny Egg, Colorful Bunny Egg, and Navy Blue Bunny Egg

The 2 new Egg Balloons are Purple Fortune Egg Balloon and Stars In The Rainbow Egg Balloon. 

Each item costs 5 gems and rewards 2 buzz bonus for 5 days.  


bitLanders Celebratory items for 2018 Easter.


easter_sunday2018 Easter Egg Collection on bitLanders. Screenshots via bitLanders.com


 Easter Bunny Ears

This year, we are also releasing some Easter Bunny Ears with various choices for both male and female avatars. Who says pink is only for girls and blue is for boys, as long as you like it you can pick up any of them. Or simply, get them all because they are FREE!

These Bunny Ears include Easter Baby Pink Bunny Ears, Easter Strawberry Pink Bunny Ears, Easter Baby Blue Bunny Ears, Easter Azure Blue Bunny Ears, Easter Grey Bunny Ears, and Easter Snow White Bunny Ears. 


bitLanders Celebratory items for 2018 Easter. 


2018 Easter Bunny ears on bitLanders. Screenshots via bitLanders.com

Remember to check them out in the “What’s new” category in the bitFashionista online store.



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In the upcoming event, we will be celebrating Ramadan in May, the Italian Republic Day and the Philippines' Independence Day in June. Stay tuned!


bitLanders Celebratory item - Topaz & Diamond Tiara for 2018 Philippines' Independence Day.


Happy Easter!  


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