Happy Qurban Eid for All Muslims of the World and Afghanistan

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Qurban means to sacrifice a stock like sheep, cow or another legit animal and it is the name of celebration day for Muslims calls Qurban Eid, It also calls as the Eid-Al-Adha (the big eid) too. Qurban Eid comes after Ramadan Eid (fast Eid) and it starts on 12th of Zee-ul Huja (Islamic Month), when the Muslims finishing the Tawaf (walking of Muslims around Allah’s home). It is the dearest Eid that celebrates by all Muslims for the memory of Ibrahim and Ismail.

The story begun from the time that Prophet Ibrahim got a son in up ages. He named him Ismail and was dear to father. On the time that Ismail was young, Allah commanded on prophet Ibrahim during the sleep that sacrifice his only son. He accepted the Allah’s command and started to sacrifice his son, but it was a test from Allah that Ibrahim passed it successfully and instead of Ismail a sheep sacrificed. From that time this adoration of Ibrahim with Allah became as a duty for all Muslims especially for Hajis (the people who worship Allah in Kaba for Hajj) to sacrifice a legit animal for the name of God.

Qurban Eid, which is one of the most precious holidays for all Muslims, celebrates in to three days. In these days people wear their new and beautiful clothes and visit their relatives or friends. Sacrifice ceremony is just obligatory for rich people and Hajis. After finishing rite of Hajj they will sacrifice an animal and give it to poor people. Haji is one of the important worship in Islam that makes the fifth foundation of Islam and is obligatory for rich Muslims and who has the ability to go to Holly Kaaba (God’s Home) and do this worship for cleaning their sin. 

Acts in Qurban Eid:

These 3 meaningful words join together and make a sweet word:

E: Embrace with open heart
I: Inspire with impressive attitude
D: Distribute pleasure to all


May the magic of dis Eid
Bring lots of happiness in ur life
& may u celebrate it wid
All ur close friendzzzzzz
& may it fill ur HEART wid love

*** Eid Mubarak ***

Prepared by: Elias Hatimi

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