Happy to communicate love

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Happy to communicate love

Live to love, the latter has no regrets at all. Doing meaningful work, participate in social activities will help the children active, confident and enjoy life more. Each moment in life has passed its own meaning and I do not want to waste a single minute for the children to share love for the less fortunate lives.


From a very young age, I silently thank my parents gave birth to my sister, for we live in a warm family love. And also from the larger and better known fully aware of the world around her, where I also learned that not everyone is so lucky. Around how much we still need to be shared circumstances and loving connection. The thought of "growing up when I would go to charity" also came to me from there. And just think little should also simply want to do is to have charity is money damages. Now married and has his little mother of the child is old thinking impels me with meaningful work and this brings much happiness.

Now, I can feel the happiness, the joy of life true to myself when there is work to do, someone to care, to give away love, and to find life's purpose themselves. As a natural, I came to charity work.

Before I make this work in a "shadowy" but now I want to go, wanted to see, want to feel all of my heart, the heart of a mother who has children to empathize fully better, deeper and more positive to share with the children's fate not luck.

Remembering my first case, the case that while listening to or looking at the pictures I was trembling with fear commercial and mixed - the fate of the unfortunate children with many different circumstances. There are cases after the visit, sat in the office, or in your warm home where the heart is not peaceful.

As the case of a 9-year-old child in a small house in the base of deep canyons. One rainy afternoon near New Year, I went with some friends and asking new forever home is found. We call the door, saw her mother holding (which are really not carrying closing) I opened my eyes, but the damage had faded. On her shoulder is a little boy just skin and bones, her abdomen was placed on her shoulders, waved waving hands unconsciously, long drooling from her mouth and nose to the ground. At home, she put me on the bed and put sputum wipes for baby. We watched that hurts me, his eyes watery and everyone could not say anything to comfort anymore. I lay there, breathing hard and continuous bouts buckling up with difficulty breathing. I do not know anything and urinary incontinence as well. One time she had to get into the pants instead. The child should wear her retraction must carry on. Look at me I feel like every song off his parents had to gut it knows how much pain anymore. Looked up on the wall as his sisters wedding photos. That day, she was a beautiful girl of twenty, with bashful grace by his side. Now, sitting still is her child with gentle smile, cute-looking face, but I can not imagine imagination and hard work, but her pain because I spent 9 years in child rearing . Indoor nothing but meager belongings and a local shop for groceries just for a few bottles of oil, some milk and box of miscellaneous stuff. Time for me already at the time of her funds, including sleep. She and her husband almost have all night from 9 years for her night as pain and could not sleep.

I thought only when a mother, the heart, the new mother is a deep sense of pain in the bottom of the mother's heart unfortunately handicapped child nay.Moi things like helping siblings this time is somewhat comforting to the family because I would never healthy as a normal child is that miracles can not happen this time. Poignant and painful process than the destiny of man.

Then the case of a 12-year-old nephew muscular dystrophy, the disease lasted only allows me the most is the life of her 18-year-old. The boy with a handsome face, she looked like any other normal person, but as the days become weaker and weaker, now she just sit there and many grandchildren least 6 years of life will break up, break up part beautiful family at the age in life. I also know about their disease and to listen to her talk, who will also feel the sadness in the eyes of her existence. I was too young to understand deeply about death at age 18.

Then the little girl with leukemia, her sister also died from the disease. Little girl carrying huge glasses, thick, docile and respectful. Then another girl, burned by the carelessness of adults that I have retired from life at a very young age. I have to go now but innocent eyes when you are in bed just as I remembered. I'm cute and innocent too.

Now, no more, no longer have to feel mentally prepared for a long time it arrived to see the children again. Now, I can come closer, feeling more and then I also want to go even more. I want to go and feel his love are happy. There are many, many things to do, lots of trips, lots of children's hearts are in need of warmth and love to share both mentally and physically.

Involved, have witnessed every disadvantaged, sick and miserable end to see her so happy and fortunate loss to know how. Though sometimes unexpected things happen in life make us sad and whining but when come to this volunteer work since I saw that it was just as small waves, the inevitable out of this life and it is nothing compared to the other unfortunate fate.

I'm lucky because when I do this work and encouragement from family to share. And we also will create conditions for the child together with his experience and desire to live and love their children, said sharing. Loving yourself is not selfish but in the growing social and thoughtful to those around her begin from the very small. Whenever there is opportunity, and with the appropriate volunteer activities with my kids all the children followed. Maybe now you are not aware of all the things you go through when with her mother every day, but big mother would believe me understand the meaning of what I want to give you - I want you to enjoy a happy child someone to care, to be given away the love and found his life's purpose.

Live to love, the latter has no regrets at all. Doing meaningful work, participate in social activities will help the children active, confident and enjoy life more. Each moment in life has passed its own meaning and I do not want to waste a single minute for the children to share love for the less fortunate lives.

I feel more beautiful life is more meaningful work to do, will add context to be shared and the happiness is fuller when precious time together with the children to experience life together this work.

For all that, I was, am and will go to work loving connection. With the heart of a woman - a mother. You would also think if you were to go, witnessed. Learn how to give love and you will receive love and happiness. Life is meaningful when we know sharing

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