Hard Earned 5.8 mBTC -Early Christmas bonus!

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I guess you wonder why instead of posting a treasure box, I posted my revenues trend. To answer your queries, well, I've waited for my December 18 Treasure box to come since yesterday night but then it didn't came. I thought it would arrive the next day which was today(December 19) but still, it didn't showed up. We played hide and seek and TB won! Lol. That really stressed me out the whole day which is why I became inactive for hours.

So I email the support and received a reply from them in the afternoon and they said that they will send my revenues within a few hours. True to their words, they really did make my yesterday's earnings reflect on my revenue trend. I was amazed seeing how high my earnings went up! From the usual 2 mBTC it became 5.6 mBTC. I guess I could cash out again in no time! Yay!

The Complete set of Christmas costume is indeed a big Christmas bonus to us from Bitlanders! Worth every bitcoins spent! :) Here's the link if you can't relate to what I'm saying. Click here

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