Has anyone love me more than you

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1 I like to nestle into his tall body, like knitting tiny hand into her warm hand. At times like that, I seem to feel that he is my sky, I'll protect, surrounded me all my life. This never would have thought after the more he loves me, and believe not one day, he hurt me.

- If one day you love someone else you, remember not to let me know. If not, I'll leave him immediately ...

  He brushes his nose into my nose, my first cup said:

- All life outside of you out there who can do that he loved so well.

  We live together. British pampering, do not make me do any work, from washing dishes and my struggles with, it was like buying me gifts even on special days. He said like to see the face of my joy when receiving a gift, so just like a baby. I laughed at him old. He rubbed his head, called me with a very sweet name - "Darling". He told me it is true that my little angel.

Our love goes every gentle melodies like. For three years, does not have any public squabbles. For he is my river, the peaceful carrying a small boat.

On Valentine's Day, he said to go to work than in HCM, I arrange furniture in suitcases, adjust the collar for him, coddle asked:

- The much than you? Tomorrow I go not it? Today is Valentine's Day that.

  He laughed softly, rubbing my head coaxing:

- I'm good, wait for him at home. He went two days later about that.

- He is still in the old apartment, right? - I just tied his tie for him, just exploration.

- Yeah, I'm scared him away somewhere? - He smiled sarcastically.

- Do you own a television much? - I wrinkled nose.

- So wait for him at home, do not go cold. Also, do not stay up late, remember to sleep early.

- At me not to go out with you back?

- There is not a son?

- Of course there then- honest I nodded.

- So do not pinch my cheek He be- cuoi- evening at home waiting for his phone.

He's gone, I was alone among the empty apartment. This is not the first time he was not at home, but lonely on Valentine's Day ... I really do not want.

So I immediately call on that plane ticket to win a surprise gift for him. During three hours sitting on the plane, my mouth when laughing incessantly imagined happiness surprise on her face, he would lift me up turnaround that say "I love you the most in this world."


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