Hatifi high school weekly Plans

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During this week Hatifi high school had the following activities:

They painted two training apartments and the teachers had a meeting about training problems and how to solve them.

A training match held between ten class students for Persian Dari subject and an English completion held between 12 grade students.

The students were active in computer class especially in social media and some of them were selected for Twitter group. The student all are happy and appreciate initiatives of Women's Annex and Film Annex in Afghanistan.

The school Administration opened a water drinkable tap. The school various sport teams continued their exercises.


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Established in 1938, Hatifi High School is one of the largest schools in Herat, Afghanistan and has 8300 students. The students attend the classes in rotations. The school offers 116 classes only for female students. Film Annex and Citadel are building an INTERNET classroom at Hatifi High School in June…

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