"Haunted Hotel? ... Pshhhh!"

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I'm working as a DoP on a horror short about a guy who finds himself in a mysterious location which is haunted, and as part of that, the location is a real life horror story in itself.

The director, Gemma Davies, has chosen the location to be the famously haunted Leopard Hotel in Burslem, Stoke.  And I had visited it with her a while back when she was securing her location, with a guy who works there, showing us around. I never believed in ghosts, but when I walked in there, I could easily feel the presence of someone there, the air suddenly turned bitter as we entered the location, a dark hallway with no electricity, and the silence filled the air. 

Today has been the second time I have been up there for a test shoot, and I could not have been more terrified. With the rest of the crew, but without any staff from the pub below, I started exploring different options for me to use within the film. Well, what I could without the anxiety within my chest preventing me. 

Despite all of this, I am very excited to be working on this film, and to get the opportunity to film in a well known haunted location, in which Most Haunted have explored in a live episode.


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