He is the Hero Cat, Save the Employer of Fire

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A cat hailed a hero, because he managed to save garanya owner, Jeevers, from the raging fire which devoured her home in Melbourne, Australia. Amazing!

As reported by the BBC, Tuesday (09/02/2014), a cat named Sally jumped on the head of its owner. So wake employer of sleep, when the fire began blazing in the early hours of Monday, September 1.
"Sally jumped into my head and meowed," said the owner, Craig Jeeves.

A fireman who came to the scene said they saw Jeeves in the bushes outside his house when devouring fire burned his house.

"He was lucky to survive," said one firefighter, Jason Lawrence. "The fire devoured his house, even a fire blazing from the windows and walls."

The fire was making his home in the Wandin North, Melbourne were badly damaged. Although Jeeves was not injured, but he admitted a little shock.

"I feel lucky to have survived the fire, but it was hard to forget this incident," said the 49-year-old man.

As a result of the fire, about 70 or 80 percent of Jeeves-owned homes were severely damaged. "The cause is under investigation but it seemed to be coming from the heater," said Lawrence.


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