He loses his car

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A gentleman, who was invited to a private party, arrives at the place with his car, and park along a boulevard.
During the party, lets go to the tasting of different spirits, and when it's time to go home, it is not able to drive, so a friend accompanies him home.
The next day, back at the party, but can not remember where he parked.
After walking for a few hours along all the roads in the neighborhood, surrenders and accepts the idea that the car was stolen.
He went to a police station and report the theft.
Two years later, a patrol of the Traffic Police performs a check on some parked cars, and turns out, exposed by cutting the glass of a car, which the insurance has expired. From the plate, they discover that that car had been stolen two years earlier.
So warn the owner that his car had been found intact, but with the insurance expired.
When he went to the place indicated by the police to recognize his car, remember, suddenly, it's parked right there.
Sometimes, alcohol plays tricks. :)

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