Healing with magnets! Yes, it's possible!

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Since ancient times it was discovered that exposing the body to the field generated by the magnets has beneficial effects, rapid and profound that occurs on many levels.

Yes favorably influence tissue magnetic field acting to the cellular level. It produces positive changes in the body's immunological status has vasodilating action of capillaries, reduces blood clotting degree accelerates the natural healing process, relieves pain and improves sleep of any kind. The magnetic energy provide simply the necessary support for self-healing.

Not surprisingly, in these conditions, the magnetic energy use for therapeutic purposes (magnet) took an extraordinary boom. Over 100 million people worldwide use accessories which includes permanent magnets - wearing magnetic bracelets, magnetic sleep on mattresses etc. - Especially since it was found that exposure to a magnetic field has a different effect altogether uncommon: inhibit cancer development.

You want to enjoy all these benefits and you extraordinary?
Well, all you have to do is to always wear a magnet with you! And yet in a discrete form, inconspicuous, but with maximum efficiency: MAGIC STEP wearing insoles!

The engineers who designed these insoles have embedded magnets in their structure after a model willing precisely calculated so that the maximum energy flow to be created and cover the entire surface of the sole. And this is far from the only advantage.

Thus, these insoles:
• are flexible
• provides greater freedom of movement
• breathable and prevents perspiration
• can be adjusted with scissors to perfectly fit your shoes
• provides protection against harmful radiation from the environment
• presents a series of small bumps located exactly at the points corresponding to the main organs of the body (according to the principles of reflexology).

Benefiting from a highly effective massage that invigorates you and helps you stay comfortable standing over a full day.

Protuberances which are provided insoles MAGIC STEP performs so-called Shiatsu massage, which literally means "pressure on key points" that combines oriental massage techniques with modern concepts of anatomy and physiology.

It is enough to go just wearing insoles MAGIC STEP and you activate nerve endings so directly related to the main organs of your body! And the result will be that you will feel great!

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