Health and Wellness: Health Benefits of Durian, an Exotic and Controversial Fruit in Southeast Asia

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Health and Wellness:  Health Benefits of Durian, an Exotic and Controversial Fruit in Southeast Asia

I mentioned in my previous blog to write about an exotic and controversial fruit which is available in many parts of Southeast Asia most particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines. And here I am writing about “Durian” a quite expensive but healthy exotic fruit found only in Southeast Asia.  I mean you can find it in some other parts of the world but being exported not really their own product and sold in the market with a very high price.  Anyhow, hope you will like this blog I’m pretty sure that you will get some important info that could be helpful in so far as your health is concern.

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Yes, this blog is all about Health and Wellness, one of the QUERLO topics that will give additional buzz bonus to writers or contributors.  I should have written blogs relating to this topic just to get extra bonus but sometimes I find it boring to just focus on one topic so I did made blogs with different themes.

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Why Durian?

I already wrote about the benefits of Banana in the human body as well as Dates the sweetest fruit on the world in my previous blogs, this time I also find writing about Durian as something very interesting aside from the fact that Durian is one of my favourites considering that most of the people don’t like it due to its revolting odour.  But I can say that once you taste it you will never leave a chance to eat it again.  Super delicious and one in a kind taste.  Click here if you want to read my previous blog.

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What is Durian?

Durian is an exotic and controversial fruit in many parts of Southeast Asia, and is widely celebrated for its long list of health benefits, which include the ability to boost your immune system, prevent cancer and inhibit free radical activity, improve digestion, strengthen bones, reduces signs of anemia, cure insomnia, prevent premature aging, lower blood pressure, and protect against cardiovascular diseases. -

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Durian is also considered as the “king of fruits”.  A very controversial fruit because of its smell.  In your first time to smell it you will surely refuse to eat it.  That’s what I observed to people when it is introduced to them in the first time.  Surprisingly, when people tasted it, they would surely find a way to get the chance to eat it again.  This is what happens normally, but as far as I remember since I started eating Durian when I was not yet in school that means as young as 5 or below I already tried the taste of Durian, and I never refused eating it during the first time even if I find the smell unpleasant or nauseating.

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Nutritional Value of Durian

A lot of people doesn’t know that behind those repulsive odour is its impressive vitamin and mineral content. 

Most of the health benefits come from durian’s impressive vitamin and mineral content. It contains vitamin C, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6 and vitamin A. Important minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus are found in durian. It also contains nutrients such as phytonutrients, water, protein and beneficial dietary fats. -


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What are the benefits of Durian?

Aids in Digestion - This powerful fruit contains high levels of dietary fiber which is very important in promoting proper digestion.

Advantages of consuming fiber are the production of healthful compounds during the fermentation of soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber's ability (via its passive hygroscopic properties) to increase bulk, soften stool, and shorten transit time through the intestinal tract. A disadvantage of a diet high in fiber is the potential for significant intestinal gas production and bloating. - Wikipedia

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Reduces Blood Pressure – I find this one opposing with what other people say about eating Durian. So what they think might be a myth only, or hearsays that eating Durian could trigger blood pressure. According to experts, Durian like banana is rich of potassium. Potassium helps the blood vessels to relax, thus reducing the chances of developing bad conditions like heart attacks, and strokes. Studies have shown also that potassium levels can help boost mental function and memory, so basically could curtail the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Anti-aging – As I mentioned earlier the main reason why Durian is called the “king of fruits” is because of its anti-aging effects, it actually delays the signs and symptoms of aging.  The reason of this is because of its wide variety of antioxidants, antioxidants normally functions to fight against free radicals and reduces its presence in the body.  These free radical cause premature aging, hair loss, arthritis, heart disease and even cancer. So if we want to stay younger looking, better consume enough Durian.

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All of the antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress on the organs of the body are bonuses to the immune system, and durian is packed with them, including vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E, as well as phytonutrients that battle cancerous cells. -

Aphrodisiac – What makes Durian more controversial is its aphrodisiac effect.

A number of studies have recently been conducted to evaluate the potential of durian meat to act as an aphrodisiac. The results are in, and it can produce intensified sexual libido and stamina, and also reduce the chances of infertility in men and women, and increase sperm motility. All in all, it is an aphrodisiac in every sense of the word! -

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Cures Insomnia – If you’re having a hard time falling asleep in the evening, it is advisable to eat few pieces of durian before trying to sleep.  Studies shows that Durian helps cure insomnia because it contains tryptophan, an organic chemical linked with falling asleep.

❻ Treats Anemia – Although it may be an expensive remedy but it’s good to know that eating Durian can treat Anemia.  Durian contains high level of folic acid which helps in the production of red blood cells.  Eating Durian would eradicate the symptoms of Anemia which includes indigestion, migraine, fatigue, etc.

❼ Improves Bone Health – Durian also contains essential minerals that plays an important role in supporting bone strength and stability.  The presence of magnesium, manganese, potassium and copper in Durian helps prevent osteoporosis.

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Some other benefits of Durian

-          Help with diabetes management

-          Reduce inflammation of the joints

-          Help thyroid health

-          Reduce headaches

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What are the side effects of eating Durian?

The only real danger of eating durians is the fat content. It has about 3 times more fat than most fruits, with the exception of avocado. They are generally healthy fats, but for those people battling weight gain and obesity, other sources for these other health benefits should be sought out instead. -

So other than that, let us enjoy these delicious and slightly stinky fruits and feel the boost in our body!



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