Health Benefits Of Beets.

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beets are grungy looking types of roots that are known to be more sweeter than any other vegetable. they have tons and tons of flavor in them, the beets are very healthy, they have the same colour of red spinach. like the popeye’s powerfood, the beet is a crimson vegetable with a high content of  of both folate and betaine. the two nutrients are the ones that work together to lower the blood levels of  homocysteine, this is an inflammatory compound that is known for damaging the arteries and also increasing the risk of  heart disease. the naturally made pigmentations that are called betacyanins are the ones that give the beets their colour and they are known for their potency in fighting cancer. the beets can be eaten fresh and raw and not from a jar, cooking them will decrease their antioxidant power. you can also take them for just a type of a single serving vegetable salad, you can wash and peel a beet and grate it and mix with a spoon of olive oil and juice from half a lemon.

you can also eat the beet leaves and stems because they are very much full of vitamins, minerals and also with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. on the other hand, you can just cut the stems right below the starting point of the leaves, you have to first wash it very well then eat it that way as salad, or in the some case you can also use them as side dish. you can also at times sauté the leaves and use them with minced clove of garlic and add just a table spoon of olive oil to it.e oil, you can even choose to cook them well until the leaves are wilted and the stems become tender, you can add some salt to season them together with some pepper and just a squeeze of lemon juice. when you sprinkle these with some parmesan fresh cheese it will be so sweet to enjoy it. these and many others are the commonly known health benefits of beets.


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