Health benefits of Dates

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In our community in India ,we take Dates during puja festivals as prasadam but there are some very good food values of Dates and for that regular consumption of Dates may be very much beneficial for us .Lets look the health benefits of Dates -

Fresh Dry Dates - photo courtesy

1. Dates are mixed with milk and taken which are very nutricious and full of protein and thus boost the energy to our body .

2.Dates are soaked overnight and taken which increases the haemoglobin content in our body and helps in the purification of blood .

Dates tree with Dates - Photo courtesy

3.Dates have good laxative effect so its a very good ingredient for constipation ,it contains natural soluble fibre which are very good for our body .

4.Dates contain nicotine and for that its a very good option for treating the intestinal disorders .

Fresh Dates - Photo courtesy

5.If we can consume Dates daily ,our guts can be free from bad micro organisms and can be filled with probiotics which can make our gut healthy .

6.As Dates contains lots of minerals and proteins ,they are used for weight gains of individual if taken in regular basis .

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7.Its found that Dates are full of organic sulphur which can fight against the seasonal allergies .

8.Dates are very good for healthy Heart and when we can take that regularly ,we can get rid of LDL and heart blockage .

9.Dates increases the sperm count and the Motility rate and increases the stamina in Men .

10.Dates acts a very good source to treat the night blindness disease.

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