Health care centers in Afghanistan

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There are three main kinds of health care in Afghanistan.

first, there are small clinics and hospitals in all areas and district of Afghanistan.

these aim to treat sickness and sikple diseases and to provent diseases i their local population.

seccound, there are general hospitals in towns. third, there are specialized, and surgry centers in Kabul, Mazar - Sharif, Herat and Nangarhar. thay treat patients wich, for example, eye, Herat, kidney, surgery and many more problems and if it is necessary thay can operate patients.

patient at the govermment hospitals are treated wich the most modern equipment and medicine.

in patients are looked aftar, day and night, by trained nurses and doctors.

Others who want treatment at the hospital have to rigister at the out - patients dipartment.

After giving details such as name, age and their problems to the rigistration office thay can see the doctors who are specialists in their problems.

If the problem in not serious the doctor give them prescriptions and then can go home and if it sounds serious the doctors send them to the in - patient service to hospitalize and treat them.

If necessary, test results are checked then traetment is started and they hope that all patients get before as quikly as possiblr.


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