Health is Wealth

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Strength is physical and mental well-being. It is said that health is wealth. It is a great gift of Allah. A healthy person can relish the beauties of wildlife. He can lead a joyful life. Nothing can diminish an ill man. Such a person can loses all the appeals of life. Life becomes tedious for him. He himself becomes a problem for others. Therefore nothing is more expensive than health. Man should pay a good mindfulness to his health. He should take good food. He should live in healthy mesosphere. Good food, fresh air, pure water, regular physical exercise and better hygienic circumstances are the essentials health.

Good food is required for health. Human beings need food for mature and sustain good health. Regular physical exercise makes a man healthy and active. It is as important as good food. Therefore we should take part in all physical accomplishments. Sports, games and morning walk are such doings.

The development of health of masses is first duty of government. It should ensure better sanitary conditions, good food and pure water for public. It should deliver the people with first-class health facility. Health consciousness should be increased. Poor people do not have enough money so that they can get good food. Its government duty to pay their charges of food so that they eat good food man lives a healthy life.

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