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HEALTH  is like MONEY. We never have a true idea about its value until we lose it.

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I have been gone here again for I guess 5 days after I just got back from the exam. It was because, I got sick. I had fever for 2 days and my throat just hurts a lot! After that, my fever went away and it was only my throat and the colds that are bothering me. But then, the night after that, I was having a hard time sleeping because my nose is congested and I can hardly breathe. And few hours after that, my right ear started hurting. I don’t know the cause why it hurts but it just hurts like hell to the extent that, I really wasn’t able to sleep the whole night!


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 When we woke up in the morning, I immediately told my mama about what I am feeling and we hurriedly went to the doctor because my mama was also worried about me. When we went to the doctor, the doctor just said that it is because of my cough and my colds. She gave me a prescription which have 3 kinds of medicines in it. Two of the medicines will be taken every morning and evening and one kind of medicine will be taken only after lunch.

 This is the presciption that the doctor gave me .. (Photo is by mine.)

 And these are my medicines.. The prescription was for 7 days but my mama bought only for 3 days. :D :) (photo is mine)



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After what had happened to me, I realized that it is really a need to take care of our health. I also got scared because I thought I will die already. HAHA :D Because I had a school mate before, he just died because of Leukemia. I got scared because my papa is always telling me I might be anemic. I really thank God so much that I am already feeling better now.


Health is not valued 'till sickness comes.



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If you are tired, you need to rest. It is not good to overdo our body. We only have one body. We only have one life. We shouldn’t be doing more than what our body can take. Take time to also relax for a while. Your body needs rest too. Money will always be there. You can always find money but you will never find another body in case yours will start acting up.


Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in.



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When I was working in the call center before, I would prefer to just sleep than to eat. But, I realized, it is not right. We also need to eat right because that is where our body will be getting nutrients for us to survive. It will help boost our immune system. My papa is always telling me that I have a very weak immune system because I am so thin. Imagine? When I weighed yesterday in the clinic, I only weighed 38 kilograms. HAHA! :D And I am already 21 years old. MALNOURISH! LOL! :D Starting today, it will be my #roadtogettingfat :D


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I have been sleeping late like most of the time.

First: Because I got used to it when I was still working in the call center.

Second: Because when it’s night time out here, it will be morning in Texas. We’ll be talking with my boyfriend.

Third: Because I get addicted buzzing and buzzing in bitlanders! :D

My papa is always telling me to sleep early because our body needs sleep. When I was still in elementary, I remembered, our teacher in science said, a human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep. But, I never had an 8-hour sleep for a long time.

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That is probably one of the reasons why I don’t get fat because I lack sleep. My cousin, when he will visit our house, and his mother will be calling him to sleep like around 1 in the afternoon, he will get mad because he don’t want to sleep. I will just tell him,


“Go sleep when you still have the chance. Don’t wait for the time to come that you want to sleep but you can’t sleep.”


And he will just also listen to me and will go home to sleep.




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It is, indeed! Because, if you have bad health, you won’t be able to work. Like me. When I was sick, I wasn’t able to be active in bitlanders and I wasn’t able to check on my online shop. When I was sick, we spent a lot of money: to pay for the doctor and for the medicines. If I wasn’t sick, I was supposed to be writing 1 blog a day and I was supposed to have a lot of orders by now. But, since I was sick, I wasn’t able to do so.


NOTE: We should be mindful of our health because it is the greatest treasure we can have -  HEALTH is WEALTH. :) 


 Before I totally end my blog, let me share to you this video: Tips on how to start a healthy lifestyle :)

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