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Today my topic is health. I want to describe you about health. What is health and benefit of good health?

Physical and mentally condition of a person is called health. Health keeps men prefect. Health is precious and it certainly is a great blessing of Allah Almighty.

Hygienic environment, personal, cleanliness, simple food and a regular way of life are conductive to health. Early to bed and early to rise, meals at regular times, recreation and rest are a sure to make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Being a Muslim, if we acted upon the golden principles and directions of our Holy Prophet(S.A.W), so, we are healthy. Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) said on an occasion, “your body has rights upon you.” It is our duty to keep us healthy. We should avoid smoking and drinking because these bad habits spoil our health.

Several devices are used to maintain health. Young people who have plenty of energy, need to take exercises in the fresh air. Our Holy Prophet said, “cleanliness is half the faith.” In obeying this advice we should take a bath daily. We should clean our teeth after every meal which is good for health. with the cleanliness of body clothes should also be clean. We should also keep our surrounding clean.

In short, If we act upon the Holy teaching of Islam, we can enjoy a sound health. so,

“ A sound body has a sound mind.”

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