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There is a proverb that health is wealth. It is rightly said that health is very important for life. A man is nothing without health because healthy man is capable of doing all the work of his life. He cans a lot of work of his own. Many people do not give importance to health then their life is becoming difficult. A man is health can concentrate on his daily activities and objective.



Healthy man do his work heartedly and by hardworking. Hygienic condition is very importance for keep a body healthy. Healthy body has a healthy mind of human body is working properly then mind is also working properly. If a body is unhealthy then it affects the mind also. It creates hurdles in thinking properly and wisely. Balance diet if very important for body. Balanced diet means to take all essential nutrients like protean calcium vitamin etc.



We should eat healthy food and take right quantity of food daily. We should not take fat much. We should use oil instead of Ghee. In third world countries the human labor has many issues on health. These issues are because of hygienic condition. In these countries the labor are poor there live from hand to mouth but their work is very hard and their duty timing is also very long.




They have not much money to take proper food. They have large family to bring up. They spent of their families necessities and hide their needs. Because of hardworking their body needs proper quantity of nutrients but lack of nutrients their health is going on. There health is affected and country has to bear the shortage of labor. We should do routine checks up our health to avoid their consequence. With advancement diseases are increasing day by day. Hospitals are full of patients which seems very horrible.



We should always remember that health is wealth. A healthy man can do anything. The solution to the problem is that we should do daily walk. We should take proper food. We should routine checkup from doctors. Take all essential nutrients.

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