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Health is Wealth and good health is blessing of God. If one man cannot maintain good health  then he losses all the happiness in this world. We can get good health with the help of good sources like good and fresh food, morning walk, sports, and prayers and through other entertainment’s things.



First of all we should take care of our food in a day. We should eat meal on time and specially eat your dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before sleeping. Water should be boiling before the drinking and we should clean our teeth twice every day. We should include vegetables in our daily life because different vegetables contain multiple vitamins and other essentials necessary to keep us fit and healthy.



We should go for the morning walk every day in a park because fresh air makes our mind and body fresh and keep blood pressure normal.

We should offer prayers five times in a day which is a good sort of exercise and mind’s relaxation and we should recite Holy Quran Daily.


In the evening we should play some good sport game every day because sports are also important part of life along with other activities.

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