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First of all I have a question that what is the paper recycling mean? The paper recycling is a process, which old papers changes to new papers that you can use it again and again. In addition, every day all the factories, Companies, Schools, Universities and etc… all the people use papers and they throw it out, so it cause many garbage. But paper recycling is one of the ways that we can use this garbage correctly again.

Do we know what are the benefits and effects of the paper recycling in society? Paper recycling has many benefits and effects that one the most important is about healthy environment. For having a healthy life we need healthy environment. The paper come from natural things as a result it is not dangerous for our health and environment. Paper recycling is cause save more energy and more money. For new product we need to buy new materials and also pay more money for energy that change new materials to another materials and also money for transportation that cause use oil which is danger for air pollution. In this reasons, we found that paper recycling is economic that is helpful for poor countries. In other worlds, paper recycling has effect on business and business people can appeal more customs. For example, if Afghan people use paper recycling; they don’t need wood for winter from Pakistan.

How the government can encourage people to do paper recycling? We can make aware faster with media because all the people around the world access televisions, news, magazine, internet, etc…Government can put comment on TV or make workshops and train the people how to recycle their extra paper at home, office, school. Make different TV programs for children that encourage them from low age and also can make this workshop in the classes in schools. Government can preparer some facilities for citizens, put big trashes outside the houses that people separate glasses, plastics, bottles and papers which are send to factories and use them again. Making a rule that people have to use paper bags intestate of plastic bags for shopping.

Finally, we access to this subject that paper recycling is a way which we can save energy that effect having healthy environment. If we use from the paper over and over we can use from the secondhand materials that is economic for a country because we don’t need to use from raw materials that need more energy to change them and extra money for buying them .

We know the effects of healthy environment to our life, so most of the people around the world try to use recycling materials specially environmentalists use paper recycling because paper is come from nature and most of businessmen use from the paper recycling because they want to appeal more customs. Because of this reasons government has responsibilities that award about it and make some facilities for citizens.

 Written by: Mona Haidari 






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