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hear is the main important part of our is necessary to keep it healthy for working our body well . precaution should be taken about it.we should be regular in checking up of the heart and liver every years even if you not feeling any disorder in them

there are so many tips for keeping our heart healthy

1 exercise 

exercise is one way to keep it running well and can keep do anything that can keeps you heart rate between 30 to 32 rate per is highly recommended 5 days a week.

2.stay active all the day

a work out at gym is a good start.but what's going on rest of the day.if you are sitting at desk all the day you are at risk of heart disease.

when you are at work build in break from being still get ups and down.that will keep your blood pumping well

eat healthy stuff

always try to eat healthy stuff.don't eat meat so much and drinking more that a normal level is also risky.let u try to eat vegetable of green leaves.salad and furit.


stop smoking..

smoking is injurous to health.stop it as soon as possible to avoid heart diseaes




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