Healthy Style of Living Needed for Busy People

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Hi-ya! Folks here in Bitlanders! As you can see clearly I have this new blog of mine and it is all about taking care of our body as we continuously do our daily routine. With this blog, my main prospects are those people who are like busy bees and don’t have the time to take good care of their health. Well, if you have all the time to do exercises then it’s so good to hear that, nevertheless, I hope you also have the time to share this with your families and relatives in order for them to take the step to a healthy road to fitness.



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Healthy Style of Living Needed for Busy People


As we can see and hear from the current news in televisions, radios, and social media platforms that pile of advanced and undiscovered diseases that are tediously appearing in our society. Moreover, hearing rumors from our colleagues that you’re common friend from another acquaintance was diagnosed with cancer or whatsoever complicated illness at a very young age. Isn’t that sound so scared? Well, we all know that most of us here in Earth are afraid of dying early or afraid getting illnesses that are too painful physically and financially.


Because living long enough- healthy and well is one of the best gifts we can offer to our family as well. 

- yadeed15 


 Not to mention the instances of sacrificing lots of things just because of a terrifying disease such as career, family, and financial matters. And when about avoiding disease and living longer, we also need to avoid the factors that may contribute in giving us the illness that we don’t really want. And in this way, we need to keep up with the things that might endorse ourselves to the state of being healthy and well fit.

Along these lines, being healthy and fit maybe tough to a certain group of people in the community, especially the one working late, the one who has lots of businesses to do and the one who doesn't have the financial and machinery to do it. And starting a fitness plan for ourselves is not that easy, nevertheless, we plan it well and a clear target goal is the point of view of the main subject.

Yeah! I know some of you here are nagging about ‘’Oh! I can’t do that! I have meetings to attend and lots of paper works to do!’’ and for sure some of the Bitlanders bloggers here may say ‘’Nah! Maybe next time I need to do the daily quest, buzz blogs and finish the blog that is needed to be submitted in order for my buzz score to increase!’’.

Hey guys! We are earning here not to get hilarious diseases but instead to gain some $$$! And we may not experience some unusual changes in our body right now but sooner or later as we grow old we can’t escape the reality that our body will reimburse the abuse we did in our very own body.


Working and earning is not the same as getting illnesses at the end of the day.

- yadeed15



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What is Health?


Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans, it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental, psychological and social changes with environment.



Nearly all Americans (89 percent) believe taking personal responsibility for their health is the key to staying healthy. However, only 70 percent say they’re actually willing to try to be healthier, while 66 percent say they don’t exercise enough and 50 percent say it’s too hard to eat healthy.

Source: Nielsen Health and Wellness


Keeping oneself healthy and fit takes a lot of guts and devotion, nevertheless, some few and remarkable tips can help anyone feel slowly lighter and healthier. And that is why I came up with my own healthy tips which are economically friendly and hassle-free for those busy people who don’t have the time to hit the gym.


So here it is guys! It times to wiggle your booties and refresh those veins in your body.



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1.      Warm Lemon Water in the morning

Instead of grabbing those caffeinated drinks and sugary, why don’t you try putting lemon on your warm water, you also add up some green tea for much more refreshing taste.



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Benefits of Warm Lemon Water Early Morning

a.     Aids digestion

b.     Detoxifies your body

c.      Immune system booster

d.     Glowing skin

e.      Aids weight loss


2.      Healthy Tropical Snack

Yeah! I know those cheesy burgers and crispy French fries are just like heaven but we sure know it’s not healthy. Tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, oranges, papaya and more help your tummy ease those bloating and serve as digestion helpers too.


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3.      Eat slow

Waking up early and still late for work? So you then tend to just eat and run without chewing appropriately your food and that is the main cause of bloated tummy and painful indigestion.

Eating slow also may aids in weight loss because our brain’s perception during eating takes 20 minutes before it can comprehend all the intakes and that is why it is a bit late for the brain to signal the digestive system that it is full already. And if we eat too fast the tendency will be we intake more food than the required volume per meal.



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4.      More Water Less Soft drinks

I can surely attest that there’s no one in this world getting sick by drinking lots of water (per required volume a day) unless you have a chronic renal failure illness that you need to monitor your water intake per required time and volume. As what we all keep on saying that water is life, and that is why water can divinely remove the toxins in our body through flushing it and urination is its exit.



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5.     Less is better than None ( Do fewer exercises every now and then)

Hey! Don’t overreact if you don’t really have the time doing some exercises because you need to work or finish some projects at the office. And I am guessing right now, do we all have stairs in our houses or in the building where we are working, right? Yes! That’s it! I am talking about getting some leap through that very first step up to the next floor. I know you can do it! It may sound tiring but don’t harsh yourself, you can take one floor at a time. Who knows by the end of the month you are too well stretch that you don’t want to ride on the elevator. It’s just a matter of getting used to it fellas! ;)



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6.     Loosen up

I know those butts of yours are aching already because of prolonged sitting while you are finishing projects. But refreshing the system through a 2 minutes break may help you come up with more ideas for your task. Promoting a proper circulation to the system may help also in promoting adequate oxygenation to our brain cells because our blood also carries oxygenated blood that helps organ function exquisitely. So now try to stand up and wiggle your toes and stretch those arms. And you can also go to work riding your bicycle to engage some fresh air and to move those lazy muscle and sleeping fats.

One thing also, for stay-at-home mothers who don't have time to take care of themselves because they have children to feed and dishes to wash; well, you can try to convince your little ones to exercise with you as you do a yoga or a simple exercise; they may interpret this as a fun play too. 



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7.      Tall Water Glass, Small Food Plates

It is for the reason of having a big plate may contribute to a very likely manner of overeating. And most of all, fill that small plate with a nutritious recipe and less bad carbs.



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So that’s it!

Just your plain ‘’lucky 7’’ checklist!

As much as I wanted to make it longer, nevertheless, I need to make it less just so many people will get encouraged and convinced themselves-

that being healthy and well-fit is not a tough to do.


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I hope you gain some healthy facts while reading my blog!

Don’t hesitate to say some of your comments and suggestions below.



© yadeed15 ♕ 2017

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