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We figured out an organic market here in Cebu and it is just a distance away from our place and so last Saturday, my husband and I went to check what the place is offering. I will make a separate blog about the area but for now, let me share to you what we found as a new healthy drink in the organic market which is definitely affordable.

While walking around the market area, we bumped into this guy who was actually talking to some customers about the benefits of wheat grass. He has grown wheatgrass on those shoe containers. It's kind of amazing. These grasses can grow in those containers and that they really look like mini rice plants. But then these are grown to be eaten and to be consumed through juicing.

What he is taking is the one with young coconut in it. I first thought that wheat grasses would taste bitter and that it wouldn't be good to be taken without any sweetener but I was definitely wrong. When the kuya vendor had given me a free taste of the one with the coconut in it, I definitely like it. I can taste the wheat grass yet I can also taste the coconut. There was no sweetener mixed with it as he said wheatgrass is actually sweet and not bitter. He then give me a cup of the pure wheatgrass juice and it was sweet! I was definitely astonished and then I was convinced to buy a bottle. 

That in the photo is a free taste I am giving to my husband who was at first hesitant to drink it but he ended up liking the said drink though. We are going every saturday to this organic Cebu Farmers' Market to buy the fresh wheat grass juice. They also sell Barley but then it is bitter so we stay with the wheatgrass instead.

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