Heart break - Breakup

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Break up between you and your lover is so painful even when you really love your lover when she leave you this is very piteous and you miss her so much even you never thought that how to live without her you never think that she leave you meanwhile you think that you have lost every thing you become so lonely .in true love you think that she is your life but she had gone .

some time i think that she did not have heart why she did not understand feelings why she did not think that when you leave him then he will lose every thing even he will not in position to live happy life and he did not enjoy their life he always love you and miss you .why she did not understand he did not live without you he can do every thing for you , when you take one step for him he will take hundred steps for when you call their name he become so happy he think that he get huge happiness even i can not describe my feeling.please return for me i really miss you i cannot live without you ,these words every day spoken by heart which is broken.

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