Heart, mind & true love

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Heart, mind & true love

When to love or not
The heart carries answers
Whether to trust or not
Mind rings warning bells

See him before eyes
Heart races as never before
Saying he’s the one
Then mind comes into play
Stealing the ball from heart
Naming him a stranger
Out of a different kind
Levels, classes, such divisions
Now reasons for rejection
Yet, is this true love?

Once another appears in life
Mind already now on stage
Voting for him as the one
That suits in every way
The one who knows you
The one who can protect you
Yet this time the heart
Unlike before receding
Wearing the frown of rebuff
This is not the right time
Reiterating every time
Avoiding with no reason
Yet, is this true love?

Some say in love
It’s heart that overpower
The mind of caution
A book of safety signs
Hence blind to so many
Even danger and deceit
Staggering along a road
Of hills and hells
Covered midst mist
Yet, is this true love?

Heart now the arrow
And mind the bow
Cause mind will know when
To surface the heart
At right time in love
Opening locked doors
To the person aimed
At first by bow
Letting him into the core
Yet, is this true love?


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