Help fund Coin Quest: Dark Stakes

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Coin Quest: Dark Stakes is a game starring Chad Crypto, which is based on me. He has been bestowed a quest to solve the mysterious vanishing of Dr. Satoshi. Dr. Satoshi is the creator of Bitcoin, with him gone has caused a fracture in the block chain that has caused a magical disruption not only in bitcoin as well as space/time. Chad Crypto is not alone is his quest. Bitcoin personalty MadBitcoins aids as guide. Sending Chad information on Dr. Satoshi sightings from around the world,  There will be many friends and foes alike that will either aid or hinder Chad. 

You will be able to fight, craft, and sell items in Coin Quest. You will earn Golden Crab Cakes which is the in-game currency. Crab Cakes can be obtained by defeating enemies, completing levels, selling items on the market place and many other fun ways.   
Right now Coin Quest is in its design phase. I need funding to hire some artists, programmers and equipment. With your help, you will impact the speed of production. I aim to get an early Alpha release  late summer 2015. 

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