Help Her Heal (Blog Post 15)

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Help her heal, prospect is believing, knowing what BitLanders can do for us. And while there was a technical glitch, she asks for a sonnet. I's sweatin, I's come down from the still, throwin me jacket over the chair, letting out a bit of laughter. ve failed you in a recent passin, there's no way to get around it, so we meet and watch football (Euro) and we don't wanna be smashed.

We wanna be bloody smashed. Bloodthirsty Italian dances round the fireside and admits to similarities with a slut in our midst. I admit that I was wrong and swear to whomever that I've changed parts of myself: some by choice, some by outgrowin lifts.

The industry is dedicated and we most assuredly argue over exposure. We wanna be recognized. Party gift is a fruit basket and we're sent nosin round the room, diggin up ze concept: freight runner throwin a loaf of Italian bread at me: it's appetizing, it's a fundamental human right, it's a death sentence and I'm grateful, turning back to be alone cos Oligopsony won't ever go back to corporate.

Looking at him tonight comes with a realization that every exchange performed with the man s been unreliable. m okay bein on The King's path, but sobriety is sure to wreck me and ll have to lash out at a man who thinks he owns me... while m leanin to play along for connect is lowest point of gravity. Retired the other night to be gladiators and am befallen to pounds (bullets) of regret.

It can be crazy, s long as we're havin fun, and prospect is completely taken aback. Fortunately, I need a Viacom executive to keep some inspiration going s everything else is daunting and we (collective) knew there'd be no joy in rumors circulating BEANTOWN supposedly, and it's still your time and you're still in line and we add and we're not satisfied.

I wanna run to you and see if there's a smile either shared or found on tour, a warning cos it's me and I am very sexual, diggin on light flares, general light sweepin in, draggin feet which is only a means to see the mongrels. There are suggestions that are nothing in my eternal quest and I know how some will feel should they notice my eagerness to leave.

It's just a bar but it's personal and while I believe there's no connecting with you... or _______ bloke and while experience contact: '...' AND 'all's well that ends well.' The bar is a testament to Crete and we are happily concerned cos this is a family. Bottle changes many hands, gettin back to bein teenagers scared out of our wits. Band takes a woeful halt and I wonder if I can be that loose.

May be a tactic for survival and while I enjoy that animal gettin into our work... animal takes it way too serious and all ways are now southwest ways, though bein _____ guarantees that d never shun satirists.  

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