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So for those who are not aware, someone stole my own personal videos and he reuploaded it as his own in the movies section. He is none other than that

*drum rolls*

Saqib-rao - you may click here to know more about him. LOL

So basically, sis geetwo-narat caught my attention when she told me in one of my microblogs that someone took my videos and used it without my permission. She discovered it from our very own Krades. Curious as I am, I immediately went to his movies section and searched at his sea-deep movies and there I saw posted 3 days ago(when I saw the videos last 2 nights ago) my own movies which was I think not less than 8.

I reported it to the team and I received a reply from them after a day probably because it was a holiday at their country when I emailed them. And here's their reply.


As I looked upon it, the videos are still there. So I would like to ask for your help so that the videos would be removed. Let us report the videos by clicking the arrow down. Here are the links:


Thanks guys! Loveyou all! Hahaha

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