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Help where help is needed, but only help where your help is wanted. Otherwise you may risk beginning to wonder if helping is helping at all.

Have you ever had a great idea or great advice to help someone but they just don't want to hear it? You really want to help them but it seems like they just don't understand. Help is needed, but if they aren't ready or receptive, it will fall on deaf ears. You may want to help with all your heart and it truly is their loss for not taking you up on it. But that's not in your control.

Or they may want help but not in the way you want to provide it. If you're willing to help someone find work but they would prefer you just pay for their bills…they are unwilling to accept your help. If you end up enabling them, that's not really helping, and it will eventually cause you to resent giving which will discourage you from giving in the future.

Don't let that discourage you from helping anyone…just them. There are lots of people who would love and appreciate your help. A willing hand is a gift. Don't lose that. Just make sure it's a gift that's appreciated, otherwise, it should go to someone else.


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