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Hemostasis is ability of the living organism to maintain it internal environment constant.

There are two environment are important for living organism.

  1. The external environment in which body survives or which surround the body.
  2. The internal environment in which cell live.

All living organisms like plant and animals maintain their body internal environment according to the external environment. Our body maintain the internal environment according to change in the external environment. The salt and water level is very necessary to keep constant in the body fluids, and the constant temperature is also necessary for a human body which is 37 °C or 98.6 °F.

There are three aspects of Hemostasis

  1. Osmoregulation
  2. Thermoregulation
  3. Excretion



In Osmoregulation the body tends to maintain it salt and water concentration in the body. The concentration of salts and water are constantly changed in our body due to our diet, but the process of Osmoregulation is maintaining the body. When the concentration of salts increase in outside the cell the osmosis process is take place and the water of the cells come out into the tissue cell shirked and dilute the concentration, but when concentration increase inside the cell the water inter into the cell and make internal and external concentration constant.


When the sugar level increase in the body then pancreas excrete the enzyme called insulin which convert the glucose into glycogen and the level of sugar in the blood maintain, but when the glucose level decrease in the body during starvation then our pancreas excrete the enzyme called glucagon which convert the glycogen into glucose and we live normal.

The ability of body to keep its temperature constant is called thermoregulation. Our body can performed vital activity in the temperature of 34°C - 40°C. Above and low this temperature over body enzymes die and body suffer.

In our body the biological reactions are take place in every time and the products are made, same products are useful for our body and some are harmful, and the removal of harmful things from our body is called excretion. Kidneys, liver and skin are main excretory organs.

It is the topic related with medical, necessary for us to know what is done in our body and how we like normal.







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