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Confronted with series of misfortunes in the family, Mayen (played by Kim Chiu) has been in the middle of contemplating whether to accept or not the offered business proposal called the Ghost Wedding from a wealthy clan in exchange for riches and affluence for her family and loved ones.

Due to the current health condition of her father and to prevent the loss of their home, Mayen desperately accepted the offer in exchange for a large amount of money.  The deal was she has to marry a dead Chinese man. But the agreement became a curse when the dead groom's ghost becomes jealous and possessive of Mayen

I am not a very avid fan of horror movies because I easily get frightened and most often, I couldn't sleep at night due to the scary scenes in the movie that lingered inside my mind. But when I learned about the concept behind the movie, "the Ghost Bride" I suddenly changed my mind.

Genre: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

The main concept of the movie was taken from the Old Chinese tradition wherein a Chinese man should marry and have a family of his own. However, for some reasons, that he wasn't able to marry while he is alive, the family could arrange a wedding for him with a live woman. This is what they called "Ghost Wedding or Ghost Marriage". 

Another point in the old Chinese tradition that has been taken into consideration is that the second son could not marry until the eldest son got married. On the part of the woman, what would make a sane person accept this kind of offer?

Money... a huge amount of money.

The Chinese matchmaker will make a research on who will be the perfect bride for the dead Chinese man and will offer that woman the deal that is hard to resist. Because of the huge amount of money involved, in most cases, the woman will most likely accept the deal. 

The movie covers a story of a traditional family wherein the father could no longer provide the need of his family and later on got a serious illness. The daughter who grew up to be a family-oriented person would do anything for the sake of her family. 

The offer was so enticing that the main character of the story, Mayen, accepted the deal without thinking of the consequences. The problem arises when the dead groom's ghost became jealous and possessive of Mayen. 

Here are the stars of the movie:

Kim Chiu as Mayen Lim


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Mayen (Played by Kim Chiu) is the lead role in this movie. She has been offered a huge amount of money in exchange for a 'Ghost Wedding' deal. Because of her love for her family and the current condition of her father, she desperately accepted the offer. 


Alice Dixson as Angie Lao 


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Alice Dixson played the role of the Chinese Matchmaker, Angie Lao. She was in-charged of the arrangements of the wedding.  As a matchmaker, Angie Lao has to make a lot of research to make sure the compatibility of two individuals entering into an arrangement.


Matteo Guidicelle as Clinton Yu


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Matteo Guidicelli played the role of Clinton, Mayen's longtime boyfriend-fiance.


Christian Bables as David Chao


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 Played the role of the childhood sweetheart of Mayan. eventually, he was able to work with a person with an evil motive.

Ina Raymundo as Dolores


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 Ina Raymundo played the role of Dolores, mother of Mayen.

Jerome Ponce as Matt


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 Portrayed the role of Matt, brother of Mayen.

Director: Chito S. Roño


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Movie Duration: One (1) hour and Twenty Five (25) minutes

Production Company: Star Cinema

Producer: Charo Santos-Concio

Country: Philippines

Language: Filipino, Chinese, English

Release Date: November 01, 2017 


The cast of The Ghost Bride 


Image Credits: ABS-CBN Star Cinema

 According to the movie director, Chito S. Roño, the movie will bring the audience into a different dimension of horror films, to a place they have never been before. 

The movie is a combination of horror, mystery, fantasy, and drama. So the viewer can expect a roller-coaster of emotion. 

One of the scenes in the Ghost Bride 


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Will Mayen say "'til death we will never part?"



Here is a video interview with Angie Lao (role played by Alice Dixson), where she explained the nature of her work as a Chinese matchmaker. 

Video Credits: ABS-CBN Star Cinema via YouTube


Moral of the story: Most often, we want to get something without working hard for it. We tend to choose the easy way of achieving what we want. Most often, these easy ways may lead to some consequences that are beyond our control. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this simple movie review. 

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