Heroic moment of Shuper Panda with Digital Citizen Fund.

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What happened to our friend Barry after discovering his powers? What happened to his life? ... with his superpowers ther now are more developed and controlled, He  decided to go into town to help people in danger,while he  was walking in town as any other day in  the streets of New York .... when suddenly the alarms of a bank started ringing, He heared the sound and started to run straight to the bank.
When He arrived to the bank the robbers started laugh about him,they did not believe that a panda dressed was going to stop them, . Barry with a large demolition with his stomach attacked the thieves and the money bags flew, he thieves stood and fought with Barry but he won. In a few minutes after they thieves were vanquished, the police came and Barry received a lot of rewards for his job...