Hey Ballz , I'll take you to the beach

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Hey Ballz, good day! It's summer time here. Why don't you take off your clothes. And take a splash on the cool water haha.  Your reddish swirling eyes is so scary. Put some shades on.  Be cool, and relax dear.  Don't be too hot like the weather here.  It seems like you missed me a lot and you showed up three times yesterday.  =(

Maybe you need this instead of that stripes pajamas. 



Come on Ballz ! Pack up your things! Let's have fun!




Guys be careful Ballz is everywhere =(. No Spamming. He doesn't want  the words that we use repeatedly, like Hello, good morning, good night, shared and many more, He'll pop out on your screens. Better use stickers like what Ako-eto said in his blog.

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