Hey, I'm Back!

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Hey buddies, Yes I'm back for good. After a month of leaving my work, here I am ready to ramble. I was on maternity leave and now after a month of giving birth, I am now ready to work. I must admit I missed my work since my whole system is looking for it everyday but I also want to spend more time for my baby. He is just three weeks old and I know we both need more time to spend from each other. But I don't have a choice, I have to go back to my work whether I like it or not. I am sure I will miss him every second of the day. Anyway, I am now ready to go back to my online jobs now and this site is new to me. I can only work here in the office since I don't have a desktop at home and my lappy needs repair. The site doesn't work on my smartphone. Honestly, I need to figure out first about this site. I am quite clueless to some feature and I have to sort out things like how to blog, the rules, videos to upload and how to earn. I have a lot of time anyway and I am trying to maximize my time, at least be productive. God bless everyone! And happy Monday!


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