Hi, I AM Jumowa

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Hi, I AM Jumowa

Hallo Bitlanders,

my name is Jumowa and I was introduced to bitlanders by a friend - steevc (http://www.bitlanders.com/steevc) so give hiim a round of applause for his help to grow this community.

About myself:

I live in Frankfurt Germany and I am a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to shoot pictures which you can see either on...


or on either of my tsu profiles: - pays for views

or on 3tag: http://3tags.org/invite/bOx7 - pays for views

I also have some video projects running on my Youtube channel about body transformations or daily pictures so make sure you check them out and subscribe for future projects.

I´ve been taking selfies before they were cool and have been doing so for over 8,5 years now. My video was featured on abc bizz when Sebastian Sobczak gave an interview. Tell me if you like it 

Daily Photo Project:


My 9 month body transformation:


Have a great day everybody.


Also check out my 3tag articles.

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