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Thank you for coming to our page!  

We are Mad Ruffian.  We like to make films and a bunch of other stuffs... Our dear friends, Sorcha Anglim and Jack Tew, introduced us to Film Annex and we're stoked (as the wife (Mad) would say but the husband (Ruffian) would NEVER say) to find a new way to share our films.  Ps, since you're already on here, you should check out Jack's and Sorcha's pages as well...!

We've yet to get a film on here, but I do hope you'll like them as soon as we get approved.  As a directing/producing duo (among all of our other talents), we do love working together.  In fact, we're hopeless if we aren't together or if we aren't working on something or other.

Here's a bit about us:

mad = messy but organized

ruffian = ocd but forgetful

mad = queen of emails

ruffian = gift of the gab

mad = flighty american

ruffian = charming brit

mad = sweatshirt and slippers to bed

ruffian = kicking covers off all night

mad = driver (doesn't understand maps)

ruffian = map-reader (doesn't understand driving)

mad = can't wear the same thing twice

ruffian = wears the same thing to death

mad = could go on with this forever....

ruffian = ok, that's enough....!


Anyway, it's nice to meet you and hope this post finds you well!  





(pss - we'll share yours if you share ours!)

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Mad (wife/producer) + Ruffian (husband/director) = Mad Ruffian

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