HIJAB is not a piece of CLOTH

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HIJAB is not a piece of cloth. It is a way of life. Which are given by Islam to its people HIJAB is the only thing which creates a way of separation between men and women. HIJAB is the beauty of a girl. It made a woman more respectful in her society. It is a thing which saves a girl from becoming a show piece. HIJAB protects a girl most of our problems die before rise just because of HIJAB. The scope of HIJAB is increasing in girls as it is a sigh of awareness in girls. HIJAB is the things which make our society respectful and peaceful.

As I m well aware of this fact that in western areas people deny the role of HIJAB but actually its SPECIALITY is proved in those areas. As in western society moral evils are increasing day by day and new generation is going the destroying point just because they cross their limits which are kept by nature. If they really deny with proves of HIJAB then they first may think about the disease “aids” is an open evidence of the limits of nature and HIJAB present the same view.

HIJAB is actually a way of life in which girls and boys are in limits. As the limits a kept by Allah and if we follow HIJAB we can secure ourselves from all kinds of moral sins. Which have becomes one of the major problems of western live style. As a Muslim we must wear HIJAB not because it secure us from the evil persons of society but because it is the will of Allah then why should we not wear HIJAB for a Muslim just matter that it is the order of then we should not do any argument on this topic but to wear HIJAB. I hope you can understand the importance of HIJAB in our society. I assure if you think on this topic with brooder thinking you can understand the importance of HIJAB in our society.

Let us try to promote HIJAB for our body and choose it as a way of life so that we can save ourselves from all the sins which western are facing these days…!!!! 

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