Hiking with my friends

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Hiking Tour with my friends

We made a complete plan for our hike. We formed the hiking group consisting of ten members. I dressed properly. I had a T-shirt a sweater and coat on top of all of that. My bag was fool so I had to leave the mountain of clothes on me. It was boiling hot. I felt that my back and my head are being cooked up. I was never that hot in my life. I was half asleep because I woken up by that stupid fly at five! I tripped on every rock I saw.
Most of my friends were up the hill cheering me on. “Pointless!” - I told them. - “can’t go any faster!” They looked at me and laughed. “They have got to be kidding me! Are they doing it on purpose?


I was making my way slowly up the mountain. My leg stepped on something. I think it was a rock, but whatever. The rock slipped from under my boot and went tumbling down the mountain. I lost my balance and collapsed to the ground. “Are you ok?” I heard a voice behind me. “Ya shure! Just tired. I’m taking a break.” I didn’t want to say that I fell, that would be embarrassing.

There were only eight people behind of me by that time. I decided to increase the pace because I didn’t want to be the last one up. But it didn’t last. I looked down the mountain. I saw huge hills and plains at the bottom of one of the mountains, was a herd of horses coming down to take a drink. There was pretty much the same view on the other side. There was about 10 meters to the top.

I was sure I was gonna make it no matter what!

bitlanderexpAmazing Experience

I looked up. Yana was already on the top, waving to me. "It's like she isn't tired at all"- I thought to myself. The sun was behind her so I could barely see her face. Actually, no, I could see a huge smile on her face. She was shouting something, but I couldn't hear it. I decided that the rest of the way up I will not stop to take any breaks. Well I did, like a second later. While I was walking I was thinking- “Why bother coming! Oh my god I could say that I’m sick or my leg hurts or something!
I was one of the last ones up the mountain. I looked up and my jaw fell. I couldn’t believe my eye’s. I didn’t feel the pain of blisters or the dry throat All of my attention was focused on the view.

I was looking at the most amazing thing I had ever saw. You could see everything from this height. I looked down and my heart sunk to my feet. The wind was playing with my hair. I took a huge breath. I looked up. They sky was the color of the sea on a sunny day.
I told Yana filling my lungs with fresh air. “I think it was totally worth it!”

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