Hill Harper: "Be the Archetect of Your Own Life"

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Hill Harper is truly a modern day Renaissance Man. Even just a casual glance at his resume is enough to blow you away. Actor, author and advocate, Hill Harper graduated magna cum laude from Brown University. He went on to Harvard where he earned a law degree as well as a post-graduate degree as a Master of Public Administration.  With all these academic credentials under his belt, Harper, who had been active in theater during his time in Boston, decided to try his hand at acting. His first break was on the hit television series "Married With Children". He eventually landed roles on the big screen as well, most notably in Spike Lee's 1996 film "Get on the Bus" Perhaps the role for which Harper is best know is his portrayal of Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on the long-running CBS television drama "C.S.I. New York".  After the show's cancellation in 2013, he joined the cast of USA Network's "Covert Affairs". Actively involved in support of various causes, Harper is the founder of the "Manifest Your Destiny Foundation" ( http://mydf.org/) whose mission is empowerment, education and mentoring of underserved youth. While studying at Harvard, Harper befriended fellow law student Barack Obama, a friendship that has endured to this day with Harper actively supporting Obama's political career.

A prolific author as well, Harper recently stopped by our studio to sit down with #inTheLab host Arthur Kade and discuss among other things, his latest book "Letters to an Incarcerated Brother". Take a few minutes to listen to this remarkable man share his thoughts on various subjects, including a touching story about the late Paul Walker whom Harper worked with on the 2000 film "The Skulls". This is an interview you wont want to miss... 




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