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He was scared I believe so. Whenever I tried to reach out to him he would snap and back off. It seemed to me as if he would only let me touch his heart for a moment and when I tried to take a part of it for myself he would suddenly put those barriers back and close the gate. I so badly wanted to take a part of his heart and place mine there but he was so protective of his heart that he would only see it as me stealing something that was his. If only he would let me once show him that I was there not to just take a part his heart but to give every bit of mine!

I know he may have loved me with the idea of forever, but you know he have been a little coward, he could't withstand the idea of loving someone selflessly..!

When my attention made him felt special, he left b'coz he thought he was special by his own.. *Sighs*
He forgot the thousand ways of me making him feel different and superior..!


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Emm, this section makes my mind go like "who am I" :/ :p

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