history of bahawalpur

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Bahawalpur city is located in southeastern Punjab province Pakistan. Bahawalpur is 889 k/ms from Bahawalpur.

sariki is the local language of this area but Punjabi sariki and English also understood.

Bahawalpur originally was a vassal of the great Sikh empire built by maharajah ranjeeh singh. in 1936 Bahawalpur stopped paying tribute and openly declared independence . in the Anglo Sikh wars Bahawalpur support the British and this was guaranteed and its survival. the founder of the state of Bahawalpur was Nawab Bahawal khan abbasi. the Abassi family ruled over the Bahawalpur more than 200 years. [1748_to 1954] . during the rule of last sadiq khan abbasi v Bahawalpur merge with Pakistan state.for Bahawalpur to absorbed in Pakistan for modern. the nawab comes from the Sindh province.


geography and climate;

the city which lies near Sutlej river . the only railway bridge on Sutlej in Pakistan. Bahawalpur lies in the junction of south to east trading in Pakistan.soap making and cotton making are main occupation.

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