History of computers:part 2

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History of computers: part 2:

In 1st part history of computers was upto 1969 and now its on 1969.

In 1970 Intel comes to the screen with its 1st invention which is Intel 1103 Computer Memory it was the world's first available dynamic RAM chip.

In 1971 Faggin, Hoff & Mazor invented Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor it was the first microprocessor.

In 1971 Alan Shugart &IBM invented The Floppy Disk which was nicknamed Floppy for its flexibility.

In 1973 Robert Metcalfe & Xerox invented The Ethernet computer Networking.

In 1974/75 Scelbi and Mark-8 Altiar and IBM invented 5100 computers which were the 1st consumer computers.

In 1976/77 Apple I.II and TRS-80 and Commodore pet computers were invented which were more 1st consumer computers.

In 1978 Dan Bricklin & Bob Frankston invented VisiCalc Spreadsheet Software the motto of this product was ‘any product that pays for itself in two weeks is a surefire winner’.

In 1979 Seymour Rubenstein & Rob Barnaby invented Word star software which was 1st word processors.

In 1981 invented The IBM PC-Home Computer From an "Acorn" grows a personal computer revolution.

In 1981 Microsoft created MS-DOS computer operating system From "Quick And Dirty" comes the operating system of the century.

In 1983 Apple Lisa computer made the first home computer with a GUI, graphical user interface.


In 1984 Apple Macintosh computer made the more affordable home computer with a GUI.

In 1985 Microsoft Windows was invented.


and then goes on..

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