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Hobbies are the activities we do during our free hours. Hobbies decide our mentality, or our interests what we like to do and what we do in our spare time. Everyone has his own taste and everyone prefers to do what it satisfies him or her. Some prefers to write, some like to do poetry, some love to do gardening, some like to collect flowers, coins and other such things. Hobbies also have a very deep link with the gender. Like they vary from men to women.

Men like to do male-like-activties like games, bike riding, etc,. and women love to do things like cooking, postering, painting, and other girly activties. Hobbies have a very deep impact on your social and economic life. What you do, you like to see other appreciate it and you love to hang around with people of same interests and hobbies. As said hobbies decides our mentality lets say a person's hobby is book reading he will have a mature thought on certain issues. Similarly if a person have a hobby of watching news or television he or she will have an expert opinion on certain issues he or she is fond of watching. 

Hobbies are not only tasks which help us passing our spare time but these also decides our friends and social circle. A book reader try to make friendship with book readers hence ending in involvement in literary circles. I personally believe if we develop good hobbies our whole life will have that impact. I use to request parents in my social circle to keep an eye on hobbies of their children so that their future will be secured in means of values. In brief our hobbies are our reflection so we should be very careful in adoption of hobbies and take special care of hobbies of our children.

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