Holding Your Girls Purse In Public

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Guys, we'll do anything for our girls. Hold doors for them. Pull out chairs so the can sit. We'll defend them from harm. We will even go buy sanitary products for them. Why? We love them that is why. However, how do we feel when our women ask us to hold their purse in public? We all say the same thing, Anything But That Honey!

We always end up doing it. So I've come up with a way of making it less painful. I suggest you buy your girl one of these purses.

Chicken Feet Purse

Should you get stuck holding this, you have an easy explanation. First off it's not a purse, it's a chicken carrier. Your girl has a chicken fetish and it's going to be your lucky night.

Guys will admire you for hooking up with such a kinky girl. Watch as word spreads and guys give you the thumbs up where ever you go in the mall.


Gun Purse

Trust me no one will even look at you funny holding this purse. There's a gun in it. Sure it's not real, but no one is willing to take a chance that it is real. To make it more convincing roll a couple fake bullets in you other hand.

Of course if someone calls your bluff, you will be outed to the rest of the males as a wimp. Personally, I'd take the chance.

Warning.........Beware the anti gun people. They want it to be real so they can lecture you.


Beer Mug Purse

Again, what man wouldn't want to hold this? A giant mug of beer! You will be the envy of all the homeless alcoholics that roam the mall. To make it even more realistic, occasionally take a sip. Just don't let you girl catch you. She may question your sanity.

For even more laughs, when guys ask where you got the beer, send them on a wild goose chase.  Makes holding this purse enjoyable


Chinese Takeout

This one is obvious. You aren't holding a purse, it's dinner. Chances are guys will not even bother to give you a second glance. No one will pay any attention to you holding this.

Again, this comes with a warning. One of those homeless guys may try to steal it. You think holding a purse in public is bad? Tell you girl you don't have it anymore. R I P dude.


The Hand Purse

This is a different approach to holding a purse. The others try to disguise the fact it's a purse you are holding. This announces it. However, you will get a laugh.

Just pull on the hand and yell, "Help the purse is eating my girl!". People should be to busy laughing to notice anything. Don't let anyone help you or the joke is over.

Your goal is to keep them laughing until your girl returns. Then just give her the purse and quickly walk away.

My Favorite


It's the Mummy Head Bag. Trust me no one will bother you holding this. Anybody even glances at you just give them the finger across the throat gesture. They will back off.

You can even take it a step further. Give the head a name and talk to it. Guys talking to objects in public really aren't bothered that much. You should discover that people will take the long way around you.

We Can't Win

Guys, we will never win. We will always have to hold a purse in public sometime. At least if it's one of these the pain will be a little more bearable. The days of putting the purse on the bench next to you are over. Every guy knows that's a cheap trick to avoid embarrassment.

My advice is to do some research. Find a bag that is the least uncomfortable to be seen with. Go ahead and purchase it and give it to your girl.

Ladies, should you receive one of these purses, or something similar, realize it is an attempt to meet you half way. Please realize our embarrassment and work with us.


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