Hollywood studios scramble to Make Film Live Action Pokémon

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         Inevitably, that Pokémon is one of the most popular French, both in Japan and around the world. The proof, the appearance of Pokémon in any medium has always sold well, both in game and in anime.
Currently, the central Pokémon fans may look forward to the release of Pokémon GO, which will make them like a real Pokémon trainer, traveling the world to capture Pokémon. Well, now is not just Pokémon GO awaited only mandatory, but also live action Pokémon movie on the big screen!

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, currently listed there are some studios were very keen to make a live action Pokémon movie on the big screen, among others Legendary Entertainment, Warner Bros., and Sony. Among the studio's third, Legendary studio touted as the greatest chances of getting permission to develop a live action Pokémon movie. Meanwhile, in the second place, there is the name of Warner Bros. which also has the potential to develop it. Reportedly, though, "auction" for the right to develop the film is already at the stage of finalization.

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Why are most Legendary  likely to get the right to develop a live action Pokémon movie?

Legendary experience in making a Godzilla movie directed by Gareth Edwards in 2014 and was the reason. Yep, to make Godzilla, Legendary collaboration with Toho Co., which owns the license of Godzilla character. Well, coincidentally Toho previously also been making some anime Pokémon, so it is believed this association made The Legendary Pokémon Company prefers a studio that will develop the film.

But unfortunately, there are very few "barriers" for Legendary to get this right. Moreover, because it is not high political tension between China and Japan in recent time. Yep, as we know from last January a majority of shares of Legendary been acquired by one of the Chinese investment company, Wanda. Many are afraid that this could hamper Legendary ambition to acquire development rights to the live action Pokémon movie, although previously already had a good relationship with Japan (in this case Toho) while producing Godzilla.

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    What about Warner Bros.? Studio is a favorite because it had previously been made animated film Pokemon: The First Movie in 1999 ago. This film also proved to be quite successful, where the movie earned revenues of approximately US $ 165 million of its delivery worldwide.

While Sony itself is arguably being the underdog in this auction, but not necessarily have a chance at all. Big names Sony, track record and its proximity to Japan (Sony from Japan) could be a separate consideration for The Pokémon Company to hand over their arms to the development process.

Unfortunately, until the time this article was written, both Legendary, Warner Bros., and Sony has not made a formal statement. But clearly, it looks like who wins the auction and what kind of film would soon we know in the next few weeks.

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