Holy verses of Quran! Part 2

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Dear friends, as I explained some verses of Holy Quran and told you their benefits and advantages in our daily life and that was part one and with second part today I’m among you.

Dear friends, here was the first part of holy verses of Quran.



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Dear friends, the holy Quran tells us the truth of life and explains the hidden truth and advantages and blessings of Allah.


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This book was revealed on the last prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He told us the method of living our life with Islamic rules and practically showed us how to live with happiness and peace. He told us how to offer Islamic rules and activities.


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Now I will tell you some more verses of this Holy book and will also mention the meanings and lesson which is obtained through these verses for Muslims and humans.

And whoever puts his trust in Allah, he will be enough for him:


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This beautiful Ayah of holy Quran tells us the truth of our life that we have to trust on Allah and we must be happy with his blessings. Now today if we find here and there we will see that hundreds of people are those who trust people and don’t trust in God, those people cannot be succeeded in life. The truth is that every creation is made by Allah and no one can escape anyhow and anywhere so we have to find help from Allah and we should trust on him that he will give us all the things. Allah declares in holy Quran that who will trust on him and who will bow his head to Allah, Allah will also help in all matters and will take care of his work.

All do not want that people find help from anyone else and Allah declares that he can give anything to anyone and no one can survive himself.

Indeed, those who have strong beliefs on Allah will get benefits and those who have done right acts will be in the gardens and there are rivers beneath them and that place is wonderful.


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Indeed the above translation of holy ayah of Quran gives us the lesson and tells us that after doing good acts will give you benefits. The benefit is that you will have your own home in the heaven which is created by Allah. We see different people in the world who are so much rich and they have wonderful cars, houses and luxury cars and many more. We think that those people are very rich and no one is equal to them. but if we recite the holy Quran then we come to know that these luxury cars and homes are nothing and the real reward will be given to us after death and those rewards are much better than this world. We can get those rewards by spending our life with Islamic rules and following those acts which are told to us by Allah. Allah says in holy Quran that if you remember him then he will also remember you and will grant you many benefits. And one thing more which must be kept in mind that we will remain in heaven forever and ever. No one will die at all and will remain in the heaven always. It is also told to us in this ayah that there are rivers and beautiful gardens and those rivers are filled with different drinks which are for Muslims. There is no limit of blessings of Allah, we just need to obey his rules and the reward will be given to us. 

If you are grateful, I will surely increase you!


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In this holy verse, Allah told us that always and in every situation, we must be thankful to Allah because he provided us everything and there are thousands of blessings of Allah in this world. We people are very greedy, whenever we are in trouble we say that Allah is not helping us but our prophet said that every condition and every situation is due to Allah and Allah know what is best for you. Allah says that if you are grateful to Allah for His blessings then definitely he will reward you more and he promised in Holy Quran that be grateful and I will reward you more in this world and also will grant you my blessings in the heaven. So we must remember that every act is only due to Allah and that act must be good for us but we are unable to know his mysteries.

We should thank Allah for everything which he provided to us.


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Dear friends, the holy verses of Quran are the lessons which are for us and these lessons have wonderful advantages.

Advantages of Holy Verses of Quran:

Here are some most common advantages of reading Holy Quran:

Blessings of Allah:


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Reading and reciting holy Quran gives us many blessings of Allah and we can find the blessings of Allah not only in the world but also in the heaven.

For mind satisfaction:

We recite holy Quran and our mind gets satisfied. we get special peace of mind by reading or reciting holy Quran and this is a great blessing of Almighty Allah. 

For our daily problems:


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Reciting the verses of Holy Quran gives us many solutions to our daily routines issues and fixes are many problems and we get very amazing and easy solutions by reading the verses of holy Quran.

For benefits after death:


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You will get benefits after death and you will the holy verses of Quran are the easy way to give you thousands of benefits which are given to you not only in the world but also after death and in the heaven. Allah says that he has prepared heaven for us which is wonderful and filled with thousands of Allah's blessings and rewards.

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Those rewards would be given to those people who offered the activities of Allah.

The benefits of reading Quran and for offering acts mentioned by Allah has no limits. Allah says that if you spend your life with Islamic rules then he will reward you on judgment day.

I pray to Allah that he help us in doing good acts and to spend our life with his rules and regulations. I'm sure that you will like my blog.

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